Reparations, Restitution, and Emergency Money

Victims of violent crime face not only devastating emotional and physical distress, but often find themselves in financial difficulty following the crime. Financial stress adds additional burden to a victim’s healing process that is often overlooked. Reparations, Restitution, and county distributed emergency money are all ways of attempting to ease financial burden after violent crime.

Reparations refer to money allotted to victims of violent crime by the state of which the crime occurred. In Minnesota victims of crime may request an application from the Reparations Board as soon as the crime has occurred but may file anytime within three years after the crime had been committed (three years after the crime was reported in the child abuse cases). Reparation funds can be used to cover medical expenses, counseling services, child care, lost wages, etc. that incur because of the crime. An advocate can be available to walk you through the reparations process. Call 218-749-4725 today to begin the process for financial reparations with a sexual violence advocate.

Restitution refers to a sum of money that the offender is ordered to pay by a judge as part of their guilty verdict and sentencing. This money is paid directly to the victim by the guilty defendant and may only cover the direct out-of-pocket expenses relating to the crime. Expenses can include, but are not limited to: medical expenses, property losses, and lost wages. Victims of crime can request that restitution be rewarded by filling out an Affidavit or Restitution form prior to sentencing. An advocate at the Sexual Assault Program of NSLC can help you properly complete and file the request with the prosecutor’s office. Please be aware that documents detailing your expenses will be required for the completion of the application. If you would like help filing for restitution contact the advocates at the sexual assault program.

Emergency Money
Emergency Moneys consist of funds that are allocated to various victim service organizations to be distributed to victims and survivors who find themselves in emergency financial situations. These situations can vary from person to person but may include transportation assistance, emergency housing assistance, child care, as well as others. This money is limited per organization so the distribution of funds are strictly based on a case-by-case basis.

If you are a victim of sexual violence contact the advocates at the Sexual Assault Program of Northern St. Louis County for assistance in receiving the financial compensation you deserve.